Further work/videos on Kontakt – Intro

Wow! We are having a hard time keeping up with all the comments and suggestions from everyone… Love it and keep all the great ideas coming! Between all of us, we might just get this figured out! 🙂

Jeff had some very good comments on one of our recent posts. We are going to work through each of those, one at a time, and share what we learn for each item.

In short they were:

  1. Initialization of the Kontakt Multi.
    1. Added 09/01/17 – Further work/videos on Kontakt – Load Time / Multi
  2. Editing of Kontakt Sounds.
  3. Alternative way of Accessing Kontakt Sounds.

If you would like to review more details take a look at the full discussion.

Stay tuned. Lot’s more to come! For now, let us leave you with a “teaser” of something we are working on. Just the bass and piano tracks. The bass was done using the Upright Bass from the Kontakt Factory Selection and the Piano is from the “Hammerhead” that we are using with Kontakt.