Kontakt and OAX MIDI Channels – Part3

The next chapter in our OAX / VST journey.  Overall, it is going EXTREMELY well!

Is there more to do and learn? — YEP!

Regarding our current implementation & configuration. Does it work and is it useable?  — YEP!

Can we make it better? — YEP!

Having said that, we do owe you a few things. Since we have been messing with this over the past few weeks we “assumed” a few things along the way. If this your first time setting things up and you have questions, please ask! We have a ton of very smart folks that follow along. If we don’t know the answer — 101% chance they do. 🙂

  1. Just how did we get the OAX Soundlist to show all of those ugly “Kontakt Names”?
    1. Let me go back and dig up that info and we will share that in a separate post.
      1. **** HERE’S that separate post ***** 
      2. DUH! We forgot all about showing that step and it will make a difference as you move forward.
  2. We only showed nine MIDI channels – Do I need more?
    1. Tough question to answer – Maybe?
    2. It really does depend on how you plan to use a VST and how dependent you are upon presets and having all of the needed user sounds in place vs. taking the time to set things up “per song” before you play whatever that song happens to be.
  3. We suggested using “K” as the first symbol in the name of an OAX User Sound. That is 100% up to you and you can use any naming convention that makes sense to you.

For now: