Ketron SD40 Front Panel Overview

A quick look at the controls on the Ketron SD40 Front Panel

Let’s take a quick look at the Ketron SD40 front panel and similar controls that you should¬†recognize from your Wersi instrument. We plan to take you one step at a time on how we set up and configured both the SD40 and our Sonic to combine the two into a very powerful music solution. While we are still learning about the SD40 and we only have it here for a few days, please ask any questions you may have, and we will try to address them as best as we can.

  1. Basic cable connections
  2. Basic MIDI setup  OAX / Ketron
  3. MIDI Configuration for 2 Keyboards and Multiple Sounds (Part1 of 3)
  4. User Sounds to Control SD40 (Part2 of 3)
  5. Does All This MIDI Stuff Work? (Part3 of 3)