Ketron SD40 Connections to Wersi OAX

Our Initial Ketron SD40 MIDI and Audio Connections to OAX

First, we need to give a big thank you to AJ. He was kind enough to loan us a Ketron SD40 so we could work out the required configurations on both the Wersi and Ketron side of things to enable you to take advantage of various Ketron products. What we will be discussing in this video, and the next couple of videos will work across the majority of the Ketron product line. In our case we are working with the SD40 which is an “Arranger Module,” and it is courtesy of Ajam Inc, / Ketron USA –  – AJ, both Wersi owners worldwide and I thank you for the loaner SD40.

Some of you already own Ketron products and have asked us how to integrate them with OAX.  We need to add a couple of comments. Yes, we will be showing the SD40 working with OAX. Why? As many of you know, we own a Sonic OAX 700 so a natural fit for us to work with that configuration. Having said that various Ketron products will work with any MIDI capable device. That could be your PC, your Wersi Spectra, Pegasus, Pegasus Wing along with other Wersi OAS instruments. Time permitting we will show the SD40 working with our Mac running Logic Pro along with our Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII controller and maybe our older Roland MIDI controller. That all depends on how long we can “borrow” the loaner SD40 from AJ.  The implementation with vary slightly, but MIDI is MIDI. We can help you with that so if you have questions – ASK!

To get started let’s take a look at the MIDI and audio connections from the SD40 to our Wersi OAX Sonic 700. In upcoming videos, we will take a closer look at the SD40 along with what we can / can’t control from our Sonic.

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