Jazzical Part 2 – A new Music Genre?

A few days ago we posted a survey and a tune asking if folks would be interested in backing tracks  / play along files. Although the response has been smaller than we would like to see, about 55% of the folks that did respond, said they would like to be able to download a file once in awhile, just to play along with.

Our original post / question is HERE. (along with a tune that many will know) Fur Elise, done with a jazz interpretation.

The survey is still up and we would love to get a few more folks to respond before we make our final decision. If you haven’t voted (it only take 15 seconds) GO HERE.

Before you decide – We whipped up a couple new tunes for you to listen to to help you decide. The hope is – you can get a better idea of the concept. Take a listen to all three tunes below. They vary in styles and we hope you enjoy. The whole idea is to simply enjoy music, have fun and maybe try out a musical style you haven’t explored yet.

Remember, what you would download would NOT include the melody. It’s 100% up to you to play along or if you want, you could do the Karaoke thing and sing along – if that’s you thing? 🙂