Hauptwerk VST Install on OAX

** Start of DISCLAIMER **

In this video we show you how to install and configure the Hauptwerk Pipe Organ Demo running as a VST directly on your OAX instrument. This is an unsupported configuration and you should only install / run at you own risk. For a fully supported version of Hauptwerk, please contact Wersi Direct. They offer supported versions of Hauptwerk along with the Silberman Pipe organ.

** End of DISCLAIMER **

We would encourage you to watch this video in it’s entirety as it shows the true power of an OAX instrument. In the past we shared the install of a very simple one sound VST. This time we go through the steps to install the Hauptwerk Pipe Organ VST on your OAX instrument. Hauptwerk offers a TON of different pipe organs. At this point in time, Wersi supports the Silberman pipe organ on OAX.

There are a number of VST’s on the market for drums, guitars, strings, etc. Hauptwerk is truly unique in the sounds they offer to bring a real pipe organ experience into your living room.

Did you read the **DISCLAIMER** at the start of this post?  🙂 If you did – GOOD! Now go install, play and learn. If you like what you hear – purchase the fully supported version of Hauptwerk from Wersi Direct.

Looking to try a simple VST install first? Watch the install of a simple VST adding a new Piano sound.