Further work/videos on Kontakt – Load Time / Multi

Next up in our series of videos looking at using Kontakt, running as a VST, on our OAX instrument. In this video we take a look at two things:

  1. The important step of ensuring that you know how to load and save a VST configuration so it will load automatically when OAX is started.
  2. The “catch” to that is the more you load, the longer it will take to power up your instrument.
    1. One option to consider is to not load any VST’s during the power-up of your Sonic, rather load your VST configuration after OAX is up and running.
  3. This time around we work with 5 instruments loaded in a Kontakt “Multi” and compare that to the startup time of OAX.

In our next VST video we will run a comparison starting up with a Kontakt “Instrument Bank” configuration. There are a number of discussions scattered on various posts regarding how you can best integrate into OAX/OAS using either a “Multi” or an “Instrument Bank”. We can honestly say that we have not picked either way as our preferred startup at this point.

You will need to watch the video to see the difference in OAX startup only vs. starting OAX with a Kontakt Multi loaded. 🙂