Drawbars, Videos and “Things”…

Gotta say we were somewhat surprised at the amount of feedback we have received over the past few days regarding a Drawbar related video. Based on everyone’s feedback we are more than happy to take a run at sharing a short video so you can see what the Drawbars look like in OAX. The end result may or may not be what everyone asked for.

We are not going to tell you what “Drawbar Settings” to use. What we like to hear from drawbars you may not care for and vice-versa. What we will show you are what the various OAX drawbars options look like and that you have a number of choices to help you adjust them to your taste in drawbars sounds.

We started our website with the overall mission of helping folks, that were interested in purchasing OAX, just to simply see what it looks like. When we decided to jump back into the “Wersi World” we were not able to find much online that gave us a glimpse into just what OAX looked and felt like. For us, just a handful of screen shots would have helped to better understand why we were willing to write out that big $$$ check.

More to come this weekend and MANY thanks for the feedback from everyone!