Drawbar Reverb – Can it be Changed? YES! Take #3

Japp figured out the needed magic. In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that the DB modules are grouped with other modules, and I wasn’t able to separate them. I tried left and right click and no luck. The magic trick that Japp found? Left click on one of the DB modules and while holding the left mouse button, sure enough, you can “un-group” the drawbars by dragging them out of the group!

Take a look. Next step was to add the Reverberate VST module in the signal path.

Reverb VST

Next thing to try? Double click on the VB3 module and to see if it would open up the VST. Look what we found. I circled the section in the top left where you can see the reverb control. I tried two things.

  1. You can just adjust the reverb setting right there or:
  2. Using the example of the signal path I have setup above I turned off the reverb in the VB3 and tried a couple of the different reverbs in the Reverberate module. Both worked.
VB3 Reverb

One thing left to try. Double click on the OX7 module and see what choices we have. Not quite as nice as the VB3. There are over 50 settings to select from using the pull-down I circled in the top left:

OX7 Reverb

Clearly not as nice of an integration as it could be but the mystery of changing drawbar reverb (at least on the VB3) module has been solved. A much better solution would be to make the reverb settings available the same way they show up for other sounds.

Now that we have an option, how many of you are going to take the plunge and modify the reverb used on the drawbars?

Thanks again to Japp for helping find a solution!