Drawbar Reverb – Can it be Changed? Take #2

Derek and Bill had a good suggestion on this challenge. I just gave it a go and it does work but there are issues with it. The first screen shows you the default factory routing of the various sound sources in the instrument. If you look at the left column (shaded in green) you will notice not only the two VST’s we are interested in, the VB3 and OX7 Drawbars but two other signal sources. I tried left and right clicking but there doesn’t appear to be any options to separate those. All four are one group and whatever you do with that output signal gets processed the same for all.


Factory VST Reverb Routing


Next, we added a Reverb VST into the signal path and sure enough it works just fine. A couple of issues though. Since we can’t separate just the drawbar outputs, everything is going the Reverberate module. The second problem is the drawbars already have reverb on them so we are now adding to that with the Reverberate module. If for some reason you wanted a dry sounding drawbar (no reverb at all) you are out of luck. I was able to mess with the curve in the VST to make significant changes to the reverb of everything in the “green” group.


Modified VST Reverb Routing