Do you have the dreaded “OAX_Rotor_Click_Sound”? – We have a fix!

Well, really we don’t have a fix but the Wersi team does! We are just passing along what we learned over the past 48 hours in a conversation with other OAX owners. First, take a listen to the audio clip below. It’s nothing more than a recording made using the “Audio Record” feature of OAX as we hit the Rotor “Fast/Slow” button.


It might vary depending on which OAX instrument you own but this is what it looks like on a Sonic OAX700. The “button” we are talking about is located to the left of the Upper Keyboard:










Your next step?

  1. Listen to the audio clip above.
  2. Select any of the “VB3 Drawbar” sounds on your OAX instrument.
  3. Simply switch back-n-forth between Rotor Slow/ Fast sound.
    1. Hint – You might need to plug in your headphones to hear it.
  4. If that “noise” bothers you there is a fix available from Wersi.
    1. We will admit that we never heard it until it was pointed out to us by another WersiClubUSA member.
    2. Is it a bad thing or simply the sample is “so good” that you can hear the mechanical switch taking place along with the spin up/ down” of the speaker rotor?
    3. Whichever side of that discussion you are on, there is a change you can make that will cleanup what you hear.
  5. The fix involves replacing the *.ini file located in c:\wersi\Plugins\drawbars\VB3 and c:\wersi\Plugins\drawbars\VB3
  6. We are not authorized to distribute the fix however, you can contact the Wersi support team for an updated *.ini file.