Well, we have run into a little snag. We started to put together a new video showing the mapping of OAX user sounds to four Kontakt instruments banks. You can go back and review the last two videos to see where we (thought) we were headed.

We ended up with 12 samples loaded in each Instrument Bank and 4 Instrument Banks set up in Kontakt. Those four Instrument Banks mapped to Upper1, Upper2, Lower1 and Lower2 on the OAX side. We need to do a little more verification but it looks like that isn’t going to work with the default 8GB RAM config on our Sonic. You can see in the screenshot below with 3 of the 4 Instrument banks loaded we are sitting @ 78% of memory in use. At this point none of the VST sounds would play and the whole “VSTHOST” interface on OAX locks up. We haven’t had time yet but I do plan to re-create this config outside of the Sonic on a stand-alone PC as I’m curious to see what will happen.

There were some comments from others that were running into similar issues when attempting to load up some of the Albion Sting samples. Our plan has always been to max out memory on our Sonic to 32GB – Perhaps we will be doing that sooner than we expected!

For now, just wanted to update everyone on where we are. I need to rethink the video and the best way to show you how we will use the samples we own, pending future memory upgrades. On a related note, I think we will build a second set of Instrument Banks using the Kontakt demo sounds, which are much smaller samples, to show that it does work on multiple OAX keyboards & selectors but, sample size vs. available RAM in your Sonic will change what and how you implement things. Of course you can always choose to use an external PC to host VST’s and leave OAX “as-is”…. but what fun is that? 🙂

Mapping OAX MIDI Channels to Kontakt

Configure Kontakt Inst. Bank for OAX