Configure Kontakt Inst. Bank for OAX

In our last video we took a look at what MIDI channels OAX is using for a few of the “selectors”. What is a selector? To us that would be “Upper1”, “Lower1”, “Pedal1”, etc. While it is possible to map more MIDI channels and selectors, we feel the only ones that we need will be Upper1 & 2 along with Lower1 & 2. You mileage may vary.

As most of you know I date back to some of the earlier Wersi models. We did a ton of recording using a Spectra and a Pegasus. In those days the MIDI channels were “fixed”. From what I’ve learned from all of you, the same is true on OAS. In the world of OAX, Wersi has introduced dynamic MIDI channel assignments. Basically that means the MIDI channel assigned to a selector may not be the same 100% of the time. ¬†At this point I’m still warming up to that idea. For now we are going to go with dynamic mapping of our MIDI channels. Should that start to give us headaches it is still possible to hardcode the MIDI channel that you want to use.

In this video we are looking at the Kontakt side of things. We have decided using what is called an “Instrument Bank” in Kontakt will work best for us. Let’s take a look at what that means and how we start to set that up in Kontakt. We will follow up with another video showing all four Instrument banks fully populated along with a couple of User Presets that will allow us to manage the Kontakt sounds all from the Sonic touchscreen no different than using the factory OAX sounds.