Coming Soon – OAX / VST Fun!

Today was a big day for us as as we completed the initial upload of two month long project over at our sister site (IMMusic). We have a few updates left to do but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel on that project. One of the things we left on the back burner, while we working on our IMMusic project, was to take a little more time and work with OAX and the ability to use various VST’s that are out on the market.

While we have loaded a few VST’s and proven they do load and play within OAX, we have not taken the time to truly integrate them into OAX and how well they will work in a live performance scenario.

As you all know Jeff has done an outstanding job showing you how you can accomplish that on OAS (and most of his efforts will also apply to OAX). Don’t know what we are talking about? Check this out.

At the same time another great contributor to the WersiClubUSA site, Bill has offered multiple suggestions on various VST’s that “should” work within OAX. Many of these include effects type processing… Reverbs, delays, EQ’s etc.

Although it will be another week or so before we can really dig into this topic we just wanted to update everyone that it has not been forgotten and we are anxious to get back to work on this project and share what we learn.

If you smell smoke or hear a big boom – Not to worry, it’s only us blowing up our Sonic learning all about using a VST… 🙂