Can You Load Multiple VST’s?

We have been having so much fun we forgot all about creating a post showing some of the things we are doing. As we have mentioned we are talking about the non-Wersi part of this on our IMMusic site. If you are interested in the “PC” side of things follow along there. We will be trying to keep those details off of this site and focus on the OAX integration here.

Still LOT’s to try and test but for now a couple of quick screen shots to show you we have multiple VST’s installed and loaded at the same time. We have selected a sound from each VST and assigned to Upper1, Upper2 and Upper3. All works as you would expect. You can control the volume of each sound with the upper volume drawbars. In the case of the piano, using the default factory footswitch preset provides a sustain pedal.

Next, will be to setup user sounds on OAX that will call up a sound in the VST. We have done a little work on that but out next step is to install Kontakt and work out the use of program changes via OAX User Sounds there. Overall, we have the most interest in using Kontakt vs. the other VST’s that we currently have installed. Nothing wrong with any of them but Kontakt opens a world of sound libraries that would be limited by storage space and / or your wallet. Which ever you run out of first!

Stay tuned as we keep “VST-ing”!

VST_3_UpperThree VST's Loaded at same time