Can You Load Multiple VST’s?

We have been having so much fun we forgot all about creating a post showing some of the things we are doing. As we have mentioned we are talking about the non-Wersi part of this on our IMMusic site. If you are interested in the “PC” side of things follow along there. We will be trying to keep those details off of this site and focus on the OAX integration here.

Still LOT’s to try and test but for now a couple of quick screen shots to show you we have multiple VST’s installed and loaded at the same time. We have selected a sound from each VST and assigned to Upper1, Upper2 and Upper3. All works as you would expect. You can control the volume of each sound with the upper volume drawbars. In the case of the piano, using the default factory footswitch preset provides a sustain pedal.

Next, will be to setup user sounds on OAX that will call up a sound in the VST. We have done a little work on that but out next step is to install Kontakt and work out the use of program changes via OAX User Sounds there. Overall, we have the most interest in using Kontakt vs. the other VST’s that we currently have installed. Nothing wrong with any of them but Kontakt opens a world of sound libraries that would be limited by storage space and / or your wallet. Which ever you run out of first!

Stay tuned as we keep “VST-ing”!

VST_3_UpperThree VST's Loaded at same time

7 thoughts on “Can You Load Multiple VST’s?

  • 08/06/2017 at 17:42

    Hi there Curt, thanks for your comments, very much appreciated.
    I was mostly interested in giving the updated demo VB3-VST a shot to try and get a decent
    Hammond organ sound. I found the quality slightly better than the older installed version, but the overall sound still did not stoke my boiler, hence I have not bothered going back to it again.
    I mainly play legato type ballads, if I was a jazz organist then maybe the VB3 would be OK. But it is not for me.
    I have listened to heaps of beautiful Hammond demos on Youtube. I have owned a couple of Hammonds in the past, an Aurora and an XE2, they both produced beautiful drawbar organ sounds. Some of the older model wersi’s had a great European sound, as reproduced on the Tyros. After all the Wersi is an organ and geared up with drawbars, we just need them to provide some decent organ sounds. Surely this cannot be a difficult task for there programming team.

    • 08/07/2017 at 04:16

      HI Ross
      I suspect you are looking for the organ sounds that Yamaha say the T5 organ world reproduces, rather than an emulation of the real instrument.
      Having listened to the T5 organs many times, as well as real instruments, (Including owning some of them) the home organs do not sound like any Lowrey that has been made, the European organs don’t sound like any Wersi Organ that has been made, and while Yamaha continually improves their Hammond emulation it still falls short of the real thing and the competition, (Just have a listen at the Korg, Roland and Ketron Hammond emulations which blow the Yamaha out of the water) however, I am impressed by the Classic and Theatre organs but they are too few. (Hence the wide range from Hauptwerk is so enticing for those that like to play those types of instruments)
      Normally in your case I would recommend vintage Organs from NI however, on their own they require the Kontakt Player to work (There included as standard in Komplete) which as Curt seems to be having problems with, it may be something that will have to wait for the future.
      Don’t give up though, as there are plenty of Hammond Emulation VST out there so there will bound to be something to suit.

      • 08/07/2017 at 17:39

        Hi Bill
        Thanks very much for your feed back it is very much appreciated. I built a T5 organ and the audio was through a a pair of high quality monitors with a sub-woofer. Of course sound is a personal thing, but for me I really enjoyed the organ sounds, but as an organ for playing it had some frustrating limitations.
        I have been a Wersi worshiper for many years and finally purchased their product, it is a fantastic instrument, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but feel let down having all these beautiful draw-bars with a not so pleasing organ voice, some of the organ presets are great but you have not control over the tremolo.
        I am a Techy and following this link with great interest but this whole process seems to be very complicated and not for the faint hearted, even I am somewhat lost with the process so far. Lets hope it all comes out in the wash if Curt sorts it, if it can become a simplified installation, I will be in.
        Stick with in Curt and thanks Bill.

    • 08/07/2017 at 06:48

      Ross – Here’s one more you could try. I do have it loaded and it does work on OAX. I honestly have not spent much time with it. Most of the efforts are focused on working with Kontakt.

  • 08/05/2017 at 17:28

    If Wersi could provide some decent organ sounds, like what is available on the Tyros 5, integrated to the drawbars, it would save a lot of time and and complications messing around with VST’s.
    I have got the new VB3 running but it is still hopeless. I am running a 24″ monitor and the VST image remains small on the screen, the rotary knobs are useless as they very difficult to use- they would be fine on a controller keyboard as they could be assigned. It is the same deal with the Theatre organ VST. Unless you boys can pull some magic with easy integration to the Wersi with all the features easily accessible then I think they are a waist of time on the Wersi.

    • 08/05/2017 at 18:46

      Hi Ross

      Just assign the knobs to the VST controllers in the Wersi, and if you need to change, then it’s easy just to double tap the VST sound on-screen (Assuming you have added it) and the manual VST controllers will open so that you can adjust to your hearts content and save it in a total pre-set. (You can also alter the sound directly from the VST voice section and re-save the voice with the new settings)

      Another alternative is to purchase one of these about £45 since the £ dropped, plug it into the USB socket and use this to control the VST controls you find awkward.

      Hope this helps


    • 08/06/2017 at 14:29

      Hey Ross, I agree with you for the most part. It’s way harder than it needs to be compared to working with the same VST outside of OAX. Having said that give me an example of what you want to do. I’d like to attempt it here. Remember, I’m only running the demo version from GSI so there are some functions that are limited. However, I was able to go in and use MIDI controller 84 (Reverb) on one of the sounds and sure enough there is now reverb added to that sound. Granted, I had to set it all up in advance but now that it’s done I can call up that sound at any time and the reverb is there.

      Not clear to me at this point what the two options (Mapping and Zordnen) do in the OAX Soundlist or at least how to use them. At least I was able to Google Zordnen to learn it = “Assign”.

      My biggest frustration is once you close the VST window – You can’t open it back up. Or at least I can’t find a way.

      Fingers crossed that the next OAX release will have some improvements in the area of VST support – or at least something in the manual about how it works.

      Time for a “cold one” and then back to beating my head against the “VST Menu”!


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