Can You Help Us Test OAX 1.45?

Hopefully you all know that OAX 1.45 can be downloaded from the usual Wersi location? We will say that we were not notified by Wersi that 1.45 is an “official” release but none the less, it is available for download. If you are not sure how to download contact us and we will help you with that.

The real reason for this e-mail is to ask for anyone running OAX 1.45 to take a look at our “Bug List” and test the issues that are not marked as “Resolved”.

We were able to mark a few items off the list (noted in Red). Most of the items left on the list were submitted to us by folks that follow along on WersiClubUSA. If you submitted a bug to us please upgrade to OAX 1.45, test and share your results.

We will update based on your feedback and share with the Wersi Development team.

Thanks for everyone’s help in making OAX the best it can be!