Articulations – What?

One of the sample libraries we decided to add to our collection is from Native Instruments (Session Horns Pro). As both we and others have commented on recently – there is 100% nothing wrong with the sounds in our Sonic.

BUT – As you start to warm up to the idea of taking advantage of using a VST (internal or external based) you are taking things to another level. Yep, we 100% understand it might take you some time to “warm up” to the whole idea. Not only do they (the sounds) sound better, but many of the sample libraries include various articulations and effects that add to the overall sound, that are simply are not available in OAX / OAS.

You probably have noticed that we have mentioned our sister site, IMMusic, more than once over the past month or two? We are starting to work on a few Christmas tunes that will be released from the IMMusic side of the house later this year. Yea, one of the interesting things about Christmas music. Many folks record it in the summer – LONG before the actual Christmas season!

We will be using various sample libraries as part of that project. Since some you might still be scratching your heads and wondering “why the heck do these guys keeping talking about all this VST mumbo-jumbo” vs. my good ole OAX/OAS instrument?

Here’s one example for you to take a listen to. We will be posting additional examples in the future, that might help you, as you evaluate your decision to “Go VST” or “Not-Go VST”. In this example, we are making use of the dynamics (you may know it as how hard you press the key) to bring in effects that someone playing a brass instrument might do. There a number of other articulations available and they add a realism, that is basically impossible to do on a keyboard, unless you take advantage of the many sample libraries that are out there.

Oh yeah, did we mention, they will work on your Sonic?