A Quick Survey on the Style Section

We have been dancing around the OAX style section for the past month or so and decided before we spend much more time on that topic we should find out a little more about what you are interested in.

We whipped up a short survey (it will only take you 3-4 minutes to complete) that will help us understand what folks are interested in learning more about. We invite you to take a few minutes and answer a few questions. We look forward to your responses.

If we have enough interest and decide to move forward with this project, we might be looking for OAS testers. As many of you know, we only have an OAX instrument to work/test on, but I think that if we create new styles, they **MAY** work on OAS? If you are interested in being an OAS beta tester, please drop me a note at curt@wersiclubusa.com and mention you would love to be a beta style tester.

Follow this link to take our survey –> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MDVXM7D






Thanks for your interest and participation.