A New Item Added to the Wish List – MIDI Sync

Some would call it a bug, some will call it a feature. Either way, we have added a new item to the “Wish List“. We were trying a few new ideas this morning and we find that MIDI Sync (either inbound or outbound) is currently not supported in OAX. If it is, we can’t find it.

We have Sonar waiting for MIDI Sync. Stopping / Starting a style on the OAX side does nothing. Once we stumbled onto that we tried the opposite direction and turned on the option in Sonar to send MIDI Start/Stop. OAX doesn’t respond. 🙁

Why would you care? In our case we were interested in doing some MIDI sequence work using an external DAW. If you own an external rhythm unit you would expect to be able to stop / start and set tempo via the controls in OAX for overall playing convenience.