A Few OAX Demos

Pascal reached out to us via e-mail during the holidays looking for some OAX demos and sound samples. While we have a few audio clips on the site we didn’t have what Pascal was looking for. He was interested in hearing the Accordions, Vocal and some Organ sounds. If there is one there must be 100 or more Accordions. Same is true for Drawbar type sounds and the Vocals. It would take forever to go through all of them and record something so we picked a couple from each category. Take a listen. Do you have a favorite?

Accordion 2x8Ch:


Accordion Musette 2:


A combination of the Moreno-Bassoon, Moreno-Jazz Special, and Moreno-Bandoneon:


A combination of the KW French Accordion + KW Accordion:


Another combination – This time the Supita-1-7-2-10 (in that order):


Tango Accordion:


For a few of the organ sounds, we went old school and picked a couple from the CD-DB presets:


For the vocals, we did a combination of some of the Vocal Choirs and a few Church Organ sounds:


One last Vocal, and it’s called JazzVocal: