Wersi Organ Showcase – an Update

A quick note from Jeff – He has some big news!

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that the Wersi Organ Showcase is now complete with the final section ‘Curtain Down’, now online. In this section, we end as we began with music that includes many of the features demonstrated in the Showcase. And as an encore, a little bit of nonsense that I hope will amuse you, ‘Mr. Wersi presents his amazing digital big band’, where not everything goes quite according to plan!

I hope that you have found the Showcase interesting, informative and entertaining. If you are the owner of an OAS instrument you are welcome to continue to delve into its contents as you explore more and more of this amazing instrument. Wersi’s decision to base the Sonic on the design, architecture and technology of the OAS range means that by a stroke of good fortune many of the OAS features demonstrated in the Showcase are also applicable to the OAX models. So I hope that Sonic owners too will enjoy exploring these on their instruments. However, here’s something that surprised me when I did the analysis. An astonishing 53% of the Showcase content, 21 out of the 40 audio demos, cannot currently be replicated in part or in their entirety on the Sonic, either because the relevant feature is not available in the OAX or the required activation package is not available. We can only hope that this will improve with future OAX updates.

There are a couple of new features in the Showcase to mention. I have added a ‘Showcase Playlist’ to the home page. This provides a quick and easy way of accessing the music featured in the Showcase for those who would just like to listen to the audio demos. The Playlist identifies the demos according to their musical genre and also includes a brief description of the playing feature associated with each demo and the Showcase section in which it appears. I have also re-styled the HD Series area of the website so that the Showcase has a consistent design across all of its content. This now provides a totally integrated environment in which both the mature technology of the OAS/X instruments and the new generation technology of the HD Series can be showcased.


My intention now is to further develop the HD Series component of the Showcase to feature many more high-quality sounds and innovative playing features. Still to come, the stunning orchestral sounds of the Symphonic Series sample library from Spitfire Audio, whose strings, brass and woodwind are ably demonstrated here by this clever Frenchman.

and for the style users amongst us, the ultimate style creation package, Band in a Box.