Wersi HD Series User Interface – New Feature

A quick note from Jeff with some exciting news…

I’ve recently discovered that the Mac operating system has a built-in scripting language called Applescript that enables repetitive tasks to be automated, and applications to be customized to suit specific needs. What use is that on a Wersi HD Series instrument I hear you say? Well, I’m glad you asked me that …… 

Let’s suppose that we have a piece of sheet music in electronic format for a tune that we would like to play with some of our HD sounds. Wouldn’t it be good if with just one tap of the screen we could display the sheet music and at the same time automatically start up one or more of our HD software packages that play the sounds. Well, with just a few simple Applescript commands we can do this. I’ve added details on how all of this works at the end of Chapter 8 of the OAS Upgrade Manual (Further Enhancements) in the section entitled ‘Automatic Loading of Sounds’. I’ve also included some examples of the appropriate Applescript code for the different types of HD software packages that we use.

I believe that there are also a number of similar Windows compatible scripting packages that can be used on PC systems.