Update to the HD Series Upgrade Manual

An update from Jeff:

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently completed a major update to the Wersi HD Series Upgrade Manual. There are a number of new items that may be of interest to all Wersi owners. For those contemplating an enhancement to their instrument, the new Chapter 1 provides more detail on the thinking behind the HD Series concept. For those wanting a more authentic drawbar sound, the new Chapter 7 provides more information on the new VB3-II software, and for those thinking of upgrading an OAX instrument, we now have the first part of the OAX version of the Upgrade Manual. Here are all the changes.

  1. New Upgrade Manual Structure
    The manual is now divided into two parts, Part 1 covers the installation and configuration of the HD Series hardware whilst Part 2 covers the installation and configuration of the HD Series software. Part 1 is expected to remain fairly constant, but with the huge and ever increasing amount of new generation software that can be installed on the system, Part 2 is set to expand considerably, so I thought it should have its own dedicated section.

  2. New Chapter 1
    I’ve added an introductory section to the HD Series Upgrade Manual to explain in more detail the thinking behind the HD Series concept, and what I’m seeking to achieve with the upgrade. There are a number of different ways in which a Wersi instrument can be enhanced, and many owners who do this will have their own particular preferences. For me there are some essential design objectives that have to be met, and these are detailed in this chapter along with the ways in which they are implemented. A number of other popular options for enhancing a Wersi instrument are also considered in relation to these design objectives, and the pros and cons of the HD approach are discussed. So if you are thinking of enhancing your Wersi instrument, I hope that this will give you a clearer idea of why I chose this particular option, and where I’m going with all of this. 

  3. Updated Chapter 2
    I’ve expanded the software section of this chapter to include more of the kind of new generation software that would be useful to install on this type of instrument. 

  4. Updated Chapter 4 (OAS Manual)
    This now features the latest version of the Kontakt Player, Kontakt 6. As far as I can tell there isn’t much difference from the previous version in the way that it operates, but some of the menus have changed. So if you are installing Kontakt for the first time, the text now relates to the new version.

  5. New Chapter 7 (OAS Manual)
    This is an entirely new chapter on installing and configuring the new VB3-II Hammond Organ. As a Hammond organist of many years standing (I never got round to buying a stool!) I can thoroughly recommend this package. It’s the closest that I’ve ever heard to the real thing. If you want to know more about this software, and particularly if you are considering installing it on an OAS/X instrument, give it a read. Like all software that’s designed to be compatible with a wide range of midi controllers, there are some specific setup operations that have to be done for implementation on the Wersi.

  6. New Chapter 8 (OAS Manual)
    I’ve added a new chapter on ‘Further Enhancements to the HD Series’. Currently this details the new graphical user interface. If you haven’t seen this yet then you can check it out here.

  7. New OAX version of the Upgrade Manual (Part 1)
    I’m in the process of constructing an OAX version of the Upgrade Manual. Part 1 is now available. Not owning a Sonic, I’m most grateful to my two ‘Super-Sonic’ friends, Curt from WersiClubUSA and Geoff from the Wersi Owners Forum, for helping me with this, and in particular for verifying the instructions in Chapter 3 where we look at setting up the external midi system.

Still to come

  1. New VB3-II demos
    I’ll be re-recording the VB3 audio demos using the new VB3-II version so you can get an idea of how this sounds. 

  2. Part 2 of the OAX Upgrade Manual
    I’m constructing Part 2 of the OAX Upgrade Manual. This will cover the installation and configuration of the same software as that featured for OAS. This could prove tricky as the external midi system on OAX is not as straightforward as that on OAS, so I’ll need to put my thinking cap on!

    You can find the new updated manual on ‘The Upgrade Manuals’ page of the HD Series web site at:-


Enjoy Jeff