OAS Styles in OAX?

We went to check on the download of OAX 2.5.x this morning and found something new (but not the OAX update).

When implementing the OAS styles in the OAX system, some older real-drum styles were not adopted. Now, these are available here for you to download free of charge:

OldRealDrums.zip — 311 MB

After the download, you have to unzip the file! Then load the styles on a stick. For the Styles-Import into your instrument, you have to follow chapter 7.5 resp. 8.8.5 of the manual.

Gotta say, not too sure we know what this is all about – anyone?

5 thoughts on “OAS Styles in OAX?

  • 07/04/2019 at 02:19

    I downloaded the files too. Except for two or three styles they all come with accompaniment tracks!
    Nice extra from Wersi… Like them!

  • 07/03/2019 at 10:39

    Hi Curt,

    There are 77 styles in the OAS RealDrums collection, so it looks like you have about a third of these. I tried a download and got 41, alphabetically these are Real 8 Beat to Real Twist 2, so that’s getting nearer. I’m a bit puzzled by Jim’s comments, as all the RealDrums on my Scala have full instrumental accompaniments. I suspect though that this may only be the case if the OAA (Open Art Accompaniment) package is installed on OAS. It would be interesting to know if the migration to OAX also includes these accompaniments.

    Meanwhile, any advance on 41 anyone?


  • 07/02/2019 at 17:05

    the “Real Drum” styles contained drum tracks only. From OAS.

    • 07/03/2019 at 07:27

      Interesting Jim. Any chance you know which styles those are? I’d like to compare before and after. I didn’t download the file yet. Might be able to figure it our from that?

      • 07/03/2019 at 07:49

        Never mind – Just downloaded the file and listed out what is included:

        Real 16 Beat.stw Real LA Shuffle.stw
        Real 70th Disco.stw Real La Bamba.stw
        Real 8 Beat.stw Real Latin Pop.stw
        Real Alpenparty.stw Real Limbo.stw
        Real Barock.stw Real Live is Live.stw
        Real Beguine.stw Real Marsch Beat trad.stw
        Real Big Band Boogie.stw Real Marsch Beat.stw
        Real Brush Slow.stw Real Pasodoble.stw
        Real Brush Train.stw Real Patapata.stw
        Real ChaCha.stw Real Reggae.stw
        Real Dance 1.stw Real Rio.stw
        Real Disco 2.stw Real Rock.stw
        Real Disco Pop.stw Real Schlager Jive.stw
        Real Disco.stw Real Slow Waltz.stw
        Real Discofox.stw Real Soul.stw
        Real Drum Solo.stw Real Swing 180.stw
        Real Enigma.stw Real Swing 2.stw
        Real Foxtrott 158.stw Real Swing 230.stw
        Real Guitar 8 Beat.stw Real Trance Dance.stw
        Real Himbeereis.stw Real Twist 2.stw
        Real Holiday.stw


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