OAS now with Windows 7

Jeff just posted this as a comment on another page. It’s pretty big news for OAS owners so I’created a post dedicated to it. For OAS owners, what do you think? Will you be upgrading?

This is featured in the latest newsletter from Wersi – Studio Hochrhein (translated from the German)


This was a time-consuming undertaking, as the OAS system was not actually designed for Win7 and therefore there is no corresponding driver for the SG12 card. However, we are pleased that it is now successfully completed and we have prepared a ready-made package with everything necessary already installed”

And this additional information from the Wersi – Studio Hochrhein web site (also translated from the German)

New, up-to-date PC hardware for OAS instruments
“Is the PC hardware in your instrument now reaching its performance limit?
No problem: we offer you a hardware upgrade that will make your OAS instrument fit for the current software with its sometimes power-hungry sound packages.

You get:
A new, powerful AMD motherboard with AM3+
6×3.5 GHz CPU
128 GB SSD
A powerful power supply.

The system will be reinstalled with Windows 7 Home.

Price: €590 ready configured”

It’s good to see that Wersi are still supporting the OAS models, and giving them a new lease of life with this upgrade. I’m reminded of that famous comment by Mark Twain when his obituary unexpectedly appeared in the newspaper:-

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!”