Creating and Modifying sounds using the Sound Factory

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This time we’re looking at creating and modifying sounds using the Sound Factory optional activation package. This package provides a fascinating insight into how Wersi produce many of their orchestral sounds, but the real power of the package is that it enables any user to become a Wersi sound designer. There are three applications that users will find particularly useful.

  1. Creating New Sounds – Have you ever searched for just the right sound for a particular piece of music only to find that it’s not in the organ’s sound database. In the first demo we travel north to Bonnie Scotland to show how the Sound Factory can be used to create a set of entirely new sounds with a Celtic flavour.
  2. Creating New Playing Features – Have you ever wished that there was a particular playing aid on the organ that would make the replication of certain iconic sounds much easier to play. In the second demo we create the unique sound of the George Shearing quintet by designing a sound that automatically plays the individual guitar, vibraphone and piano parts all from one single chord.
  3. Improving Existing Sounds – Have you ever wished that you could modify a sound that isn’t quite right to something that exactly meets your personal requirements. In the third demo we take a number of existing sounds from the sound database and modify them to create new variants that better suit the music being played.

You can find more information on all of this together with audio demos at:

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