OAX / Ketron / MIDI Fun – Part 3 of ??

It’s been a couple of weeks since we talked about this. Not forgotten, just on the back burner for a bit. There has been some progress but still not where it needs to be. We did have an excellent e-mail conversation with the US distributor. Recall we left you with this information that we found in an online manual regarding MIDI Channel Assignments:

  • Two tracks for drums and percussions on Midi channels 9 and 10.
  • One Bass track on Midi channel 5.
  • Five harmonic tracks that function on Midi channels 6,7,8,11,12.
  • Two “Real Time” tracks, namely Lower 1 and Lower 2 that are assigned to the left split of the keyboard, which function on Midi channels 3 and 4.
  • One LEAD track that functions on the Upper section, namely on the right of the keyboard Split.

One thing we noticed above is there was no mention of MIDI Channels 13-16. We did have Ross map the upper keyboard to MIDI Channel 13 but he wasn’t able to get a sound to play.

Here’s the additional; information that was passed along that we were not able to find in a manual. Probably there but darn if I could find it!

  • Three / Four Lead tracks that functions on the Upper section, namely on the right of the keyboard Split.
  • These lead tracks however are made up of up to 3 voices (Midi channels 14, 15 and 16) which can be turned on/off from the voice editor screen and a 2nd voice (Midi Channel 13) that can be turned on/off directly on the panel.
  • This means that from this screen, you can actually have up to 4 layered voices playing at once!
  • To make it much more interesting, you can program each voice to be on/off only within a certain range of the keybed or triggered only within a certain velocity range … etc.

Then they added this comment which makes my head hurt a little:

Now, remember that from the Wersi, you can also use the PIANIST mode (no split) so the entire organ is used as lead or arranger control or both (PIANIST MODE = AUTO – where as you play anywhere on the Wersi, chords are picked up to control the arranger, but once you press the SUSTAIN pedal, whatever chord you just played is ‘locked’ and you can now play anything on the WERSI and the chord/arranger remains unchanged – just as a pianist does when using the Sustain pedal. Fig 4a and 4b shows you how…

Ross and I both have been a bit tied up on some other things and have not been in touch lately to find out where he is at. The journey continues…