OAX / Ketron / MIDI Fun – Part 2 of ??

Well, this really shouldn’t be this hard! Ross and I did a video call this afternoon and we were able to get a single voice (on MIDI channel 1) to play on the Ketron. Worked GREAT! Next, we setup a Wersi user sound on MIDI channel 2 and put that on Lower 1. Sure enough, Ross was able to pick a style on the Ketron and, as he changed chords on the lower keyboard of his OAX800, so did the Ketron. Again, worked GREAT! 🙂

Now, on to the next challenge. My head hurts trying to read the Ketron manual. All we really want is for them to publish what all the MIDI channels do and respond to. That would be channels 1 – 16. They sort of do that but… my head is still hurting! 🙁

Here’s what we know. Now, MIDI, is MIDI, is MIDI – So again, really shouldn’t be this hard to get multiple sounds AND trigger chord changes in the Ketron style section.

From the Ketron manual:

  • Two tracks for drums and percussions on Midi channels 9 and 10.
  • One Bass track on Midi channel 5.
  • Five harmonic tracks that function on Midi channels 6,7,8,11,12.
  • Two “Real Time” tracks, namely Lower 1 and Lower 2 that are assigned to the left split of the keyboard, which function on Midi channels 3 and 4.
  • One LEAD track that functions on the Upper section, namely on the right of the keyboard Split.

This is where we are currently at and not making much progress:

“Two “Real Time” tracks, namely Lower 1 and Lower 2 that are assigned to the left split of the keyboard, which function on Midi channels 3 and 4.”

So, I’m reading that as I should be able send info (from OAX) on MIDI channel 3 & 4 to the Ketron… In testing with Ross this afternoon – Not so much.

We did send a note to Ketron a week or so ago asking if they would willing to ship us a demo / eval  unit so we could work out the needed config and never received a response.

On to the next option. Ian reminded us of the US distributor,  We just sent them a note asking the same basic question – Are they willing to ship us a demo / loaner unit so we can have some “hands-on” time and work out the need config on both OAX and the Ketron?

Once we work out the needed config we are more than happy to share on our site and also let them share the video. Wersi, Roland, Yamaha, Lowey, etc…  Whatever organ you happen to own, as long as your organ allows you to “work” with MIDI, you should be able to take advantage of the sounds and styles in a shiney new SD40.

Our (well , it’s really Ross’s) end goal? Have the option to play up to four sounds (best we can tell that is the max?) from the Ketron and at the same time (via MIDI channel 2) trigger chord changes to the style section on the Ketron.

Really shouldn’t be all that hard – As we said. MIDI, is MIDI, is MIDI.

Stay tuned – This is only part 2 of ?? in this journey! 🙂