Here’s a solution to our previous MIDI conflict discussion

First – MANY thanks to Bill. He actually suggested this to us a few days ago but we only tried 1/2 of the solution the first time around. Over the past 24 hours, we took it to the next level, and we are calling it MIDI X2. What are we talking about? Just how easy it is to create a MIDI conflict in OAX when you start to hardcode MIDI channels.

OAX is MUCH happier to work with dynamic, or system assigned, MIDI channels. While our original solution did work, for many, it might be a little too much to work with. We think this solution will offer the best of both worlds. Combining your Wersi organ with an external Ketron keyboard or arranger module. What do you need? Two MIDI connections from your Wersi to your Ketron. MIDI Out1 (on the Wersi) goes to MIDI In1 on the Ketron and MIDI Out2 (on the Wersi) goes to MIDI In2 on the Ketron.

In our case, we are using a Ketron SD40. When we say a Wersi organ, we do mean any Wersi that has MIDI capabilities. We are showing it with OAX as that is what we currently own and can demonstrate on. The implementation will vary slightly from the CD series (Spectra/Pegasus)  to OAS to OAX, but the core principles are still the same. As we have said more than once – MIDI is MIDI.

Take a look-n-listen and ask questions so we can help: