Ketron User Banks

Accessing Ketron User Banks from Wersi OAX

This video was supposed to be about how to access the Ketron User Banks from OAX. Well, actually it is but we did stick a little something at the front of the video to show a nice stand that you can use to support a Ketron module, a Roland module or just about anything else that you might have that you would like to have sitting next to the organ. Available from Amazon – Very nice unit for the price. Matter of fact we ended up picking up a second one since we move “stuff” between our office and the Sonic, which is downstairs multiple times a week.

We are planning to put together a separate video to show you a little more about User Voices on Ketron but you can think of them like a User Sound on your Wersi. Basically the same thing. User Sounds are stored in User Banks which start at bank 30 on the SD40. One important note – To access the User Banks you must use MIDI In 2 on the SD40. MIDI In 1 does not allow access to the User Banks. Other than that, they work the same as the Factory banks we have looked at in the past.