Ketron SD40 MIDI X2

The Other Half of the 2 MIDI Connection Story

We showed you how to setup OAX to send out information on both MIDI ports. What we didn’t tell you are the changes needed on the Ketron side to support that. We call it SD40 MIDI X2. It pretty simple to setup and will allow your Ketron to work with OAX sending data to both to MIDI In1 (GM) and MIDI In2 (Keyb) on your Ketron.

If you remember this configuration will allow OAX to pick any unused MIDI channel so you can program user voices on OAX that will select Ketron voices. The second MIDI connection will allow you to play chords on the lower manual and trigger those changes in whatever style you have selected and playing on the Ketron.

As always, ask questions if you get stumped.