Ketron / OAX Fun is back!

Ketron Products with OAX?

It’s going to be a fun week here at the Clubhouse. Late last year we posted a couple of items regarding using a Ketron SD40 with OAX. What’s a Ketron SD40 you ask? More on that in our next post. Many of you know Ross, and if you don’t, Ross is the Wersi Dealer in New Zealand. Ross reached out to us looking for some help in connecting up an SD40 to his Sonic. We worked with Ross a little on that project, but we were never able to get everything working as we think it should. We were able to use Teamviewer to connect to his Sonic which solved half of our problem. We could see the various settings on his organ, BUT we were not able to see much from the Ketron other than what Ross was able to show us via a video call.

All of that is about to change. It turns out that Ketron did respond to us way back in December when we first contacted them. No idea how we missed that email, but we did. How happy were we to find they reached out to us again (late last week) and they are sending us an SD40 for a few days so we can work out the configuration on both the OAX side and the Ketron side to allow you to use the Ketron to enhance your Wersi instrument.

While we will be setting this up with OAX, you can use a Ketron with OAS or even the CD series. It would make a great add-on to a Pegasus or even a Wing. While the implementation will vary slightly depending on which Wersi you have the main thing needed is a MIDI connection from the Wersi out to the Ketron. All of the Wersi model’s we mentioned have MIDI. Even though I owned a Delta at this point, I can’t remember, but I’m guessing it also might have MIDI ports?

We just got an update on the tracking number, and it shows we will be able to get our hands on the Ketron later today. Over the next few days, we will be posting a few videos so you can see how things go and if you might be interested in getting a Ketron and using with your Wersi (or any organ or keyboard that supports MIDI).

Ketron SD40
Ketron SD40