Busy Learning a Better Way!

A Better Way to Allow Access to Ketron User Voices

Klass checked in via email this morning to ask a question regarding using his Ketron with his Wersi. That reminded me that we hadn’t posted much lately. We have been locked away in the studio working on two things. We learned that the last config we shared with you works, BUT it doesn’t allow access to Ketron user voices. We have a better way and a fix for that, but we are still testing a few things with our new setup. Stay tuned for a third way to connect your Ketron to your Wersi. They all work, with each one allowing slightly different functionality.

We have also been recording a few short demos so folks can hear the SD40 in action. The first one was released a few days ago. Check it out below:

The next demo will be a classical piece. We have a few more in the works that we hope you enjoy.