Basic MIDI Configuration OAX / Ketron

Basic MIDI Configuration for Upper Keyboard Only

For the next video in our OAX / Ketron series, we show you a basic MIDI configuration on the SD40 and on OAX that allows us to use the upper keyboard of our Sonic to act as a MIDI controller for the SD40. This setup works well on an OAX-1 keyboard, a Pegasus or any other single keyboard instrument. In the next video, we will show you a configuration more suited for “organ” where we use both the Upper, Lower keyboards and Pedals to control the Ketron.

The Ketron sets up a split point for us. In this case, it’s middle C although you can change that. Any notes you play below middle C will make chord changes on whatever style you have selected on the Ketron, and any notes from middle C to the top of the keyboard will allow you play a melody line.


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