Be Our Valentine?

A special day is coming up for many folks – It’s Valentine’s Week!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we put together an arrangement of My Funny Valentine over on the IMMusic side of the house.

So, just how many hands does it take to record this tune? Not as many as you see. The correct answer is two. That is, as long as you can multi-track the various parts. While we were putting the arrangement together, we thought you might like to see each part being played as they were recorded.

You might find the video is a little busy to watch so here’s a little more about what you will see:

  • In the center is the lead/melody track featuring the Piano.
  • In the upper left corner is the Bass player.
  • Right below the Bass player, in the lower left, is the Percussion section and finally over on the right, the String section.
  • There is one additional track in the arrangement although we didn’t record a video of that part, the Brass Ensemble section.


Don’t forget to watch for the first piece for our new “Challenge Series” being released this coming Thursday (02/15/18). To get more details subscribe to the IMMusic Newsletter.