A tune from the good ole CD-Spectra series

How about a tune from the good ole CD-Spectra series? This dates WAY back to the late 1980-early 1990s timeframe. This was recorded using a combination of a Wersi CD-700 Spectra and the Wersi Upright Digital Piano. It was multi-tracked with Cakewalk running on a Toshiba laptop running Windows 3.x and then to DAT tape (yea – a real physical tape device!), and that was cut to a CD (remember those?) 

Artist = Ric Iannone, Production = Me (Curt). We have a few more tunes from that CD still in our archives but no longer have the copyright to release those arrangements.

This is an original tune written by Rics’ dad (Ben) and arranged by Ric. Just amazing what Wersi sounded like 20+ years ago!