Yep – We are still here!

We have been a little quiet over the past week or two. We have been busy converting from satellite based TV to IP based TV. It’s been a fun and interesting adventure. Is it for everyone? Maybe not but for us we are saving over $100 a month and have the ability to watch 90+% of the same content. If that is of interest to you contact us we we can tell you more about what we have learned.

Now, on to OAX fun – In a recent post we asked what else folks would like to learn more about and sadly we received few responses. While we could drill down deeper into each topic we have already covered I’m not sure it’s worth our time if there is no interest from other or potential OAX owners?

Let us know what features you would like to learn more about? As we already posted – if we don’t know the answer to your question we will poke about and figure it out ¬†and share with all to learn from.