The Wersi HD Series – The Sound of Quality

This may or may not be your cup of tea. For us, we do plan on going down this path. What are we talking about? Check out this excellent article written by Jeff

We didn’t plan on getting started for a few more weeks but after reading Jeff’s latest update we might just have to start fooling around this week. While we do plan to eventually attach a PC to run both some virtual instruments and a DAW, our first attempt will be nothing more than connecting up an external sound module via MIDI. Why? Because we own one that is collecting dust in the corner and will not need to spend any $$$ to start to learn about what MIDI functions are currently implemented in OAX.

Jeff’s system is based on a Mac Mini as the external computer. Not 100% sure at this point but we expect that will be using a Windows based PC instead. That choice is based on what software that we already own vs. buying all new Mac versions of the software.

Stay tuned – and if you hear a big boom or smell smoke, it’s only us having fun! 🙂