Something Different – Swap out a defective card on our Sonic

Up to this point, pretty much everything we have talked about revolved around the software side of OAX. If you have been following along with us on our OAX journey, you should recall our “MIDI Mess“?

First – We need to give Thanks to Uli from the Wersi team. He worked with us via e-mail and eventually connected to our Sonic remotely via TeamViewer to help diagnose our issue. Just our luck – Our Sonic shipped with a defective USMI2C board. If you open up the back of your OAX instrument that would be the board that hosts all of those MIDI In and Out ports.

We are a big proponent of using MIDI and were a bit flustered when it didn’t work as expected on our Sonic… The good news? The problem has been resolved and we are now able to receive data from external MIDI device into our Sonic via the “MIDI Ports”

A quick look at some of the the hardware inside your Sonic…