Setting up an e-mail list?

We promised to keep you in the loop with the BTS (behind the scenes) “stuff” as we continue to update, configure and improve the site. As we continue to move along, we have added an option for you to subscribe to our mailing list. For now, that is located over on the upper right hand side of the screen right under the search box. While we are still working out the details on how that will work, our initial thoughts are that we will send out either a weekly or monthly (your thoughts on the interval are needed) of posts that have taken place.

If you watch the site daily, you will see the most recent posts. If, by chance, you are to busy to do that, we understand and will remind you of what you have missed via an e-mail. Once again, back to the interval of how often to send that “gentle” reminder – Weekly or monthly?

Post your thoughts on that update interval.

Thanks Curt