Picture Gallery and Video Support

As we wait on delivery of our Sonic we have been working on getting the WersiClubUSA site up and running. As part of the site we plan on producing a number of “How-to” videos on various topics related to the operation and programming the Wersi Sonic line of instruments. While we know a little about MIDI and audio we are pretty much “newbies” when it comes to online pictures and videos. We decided to go with the Gallery plugin by Web-Dorado to help us with that aspect of the site.

Simple to install and get up and running. It certainly meets (actually exceeds) anything we will need to do for quite some time. Check out our first gallery. We also put together a simple video using of all things, the free Windows based Movie Maker. Same comment, simple to use and at this point, all we need to get things started. I don’t expect to outgrow the picture gallery. In time, we may find that we need more editing functions than Movie Maker provides. For now it will get the job done.

Next up? Find some type of tripod that will allow us to mount / position a video camera over the Sonic as we demonstrate the various features of the instrument.

Curt – WersiClubUSA