OAX-700 Memory Upgrade

Follow along as we upgrade the memory in our OAX-700

We recently mentioned in a comment on a different post that we were going to upgrade our OAX-700 from the base 8 GB memory config up to the max of 32 GB. Thanks to Samuel and Bill for passing along some advice to us regarding the  “pitfalls” of memory upgrades. You will see that we removed the original 8 GB and replaced it with four new matching 8 GB “sticks.” Other than dropping a screw underneath the upper keyboard, everything went without a hitch. The good news is now we also know how to remove the upper manual. I can’t imagine we will need to do that, but you never know!

We found out that all the recent Sonic’s are now shipping with 16 GB of memory installed to help with overall system performance. Since we also fool around with VST’s on our Sonic from time to time, we figured while we had it opened it up we might as well max out the memory. Not sure but as Bill mentioned in a comment the newer Sonic’s might allow more than 32 GB?

Related to this topic – While we working on the Sonic today we did a complete re-install of OAX 2.0 and that cleared up a ton of issues we had after we replaced the Wersinstall.exe file. I didn’t say much about it but we had quite a few sounds and drumkits missing after we did that. We exchanged a few e-mails with Wersi support on that and along the way, we learned about the change from eight to sixteen GB of memory on all Sonics now shipping.