Let’s Get Started


This is our first post in the BTScenes (Behind the Scenes) category. The idea here is to tell you a little about our journey setting up, managing and learning about hosting this site. Let’s just say the past two weeks have been FUN! We started out using a Windows based host for WordPress.  Overall, it worked, but we found that 99% of the examples, tutorials, etc. from others doing the same thing that we are doing, assumed you were hosted on a Linux (or some other UNIX variant host).

Just to make things a little more interesting, we were interrupted in the middle of getting things setup, by our good friend Hurricane Matthew. After a few days of evacuating, followed by no power and no Internet connectivity, we are now back and up and running – Yippee!

Let’s see – Where were we before “Matthew” blew into town? Oh yeah, we contacted our ISP and switched over to a Linux host. Shame on us as we did know that was probably a better choice going in. Why we picked a Windows host? Sounded like a good idea at the time! 🙂 Let’s just say it was well worth the time to switch over. Although it may vary between the ISP’s that you can select to host your site, we found that the options, and by that we mean overall plug-in install and support, are MUCH better when hosted on Linux.

The exact same plugins failed to install when we were hosted on a Windows server. On a Linux host all it takes is a couple of simple mouse clicks to get up and running and get configured.

Our next step? Since we want to host various “How-To” videos and screen shots of how to configure and set things up on a Sonic instrument, we are off to install a plugin to help manage visual type media.

Follow along with us and we certainly welcome your input on site management and your favorite WordPress plugins.

Curt – WersiClubUSA