Good Friends and an OAX-1 Update

About a month ago, Jerry and his wife were in the central Florida area and stopped by for a visit. We had a great time talking about “all things Wersi”. Jerry is probably, if not the only, OAX-1 owner here in the states? If someone else owns one here in the U.S. – Speak Up! The good news? Jerry has one. The bad news? When it arrived the display was damaged – YIKES! Jerry sent some pictures last night showing the inside of his OAX-1 as he replaced the damaged display.

  1. Jerry and I (I’m the little guy on the left) with our Sonic.
  2. The display in the OAX-1 when it arrived – Not pretty!
  3. The “underside” of the display.
  4. With the display removed.
  5. A further peek “under the covers”
    1. Over on the far right you can see the power supply.
    2. A little to the left of that you see the SSD – a smaller black object with a silver / white strip on the left side.
      1. You might know it as the C: Drive that hosts Windows and OAX.
      2. See our discussion about adding a second SSD to our Sonic.
    3. A little more to the left, under the blue circle, would be CPU – The “brains” of the instrument.