Nothing but some Fun Facts

Just some Fun Facts about our Wersi community… No marketing “stuff” going on. We are just curious, of the folks that stumbled onto our website, to learn a little more about you. It would appear that we, as as OAX owner based in the U.S., are clearly not in the majority of owners.

  • So far, you have spent 18,483 minutes watching our YouTube Videos
    • We can’t think of a better way to spend your time! 🙂
  • The most popular video to date was actually one of our first videos – Sonic / OAX Overview
  • Help us out –> Take our survey – Just 4 simple questions. Do you own a Wersi, which model and where are you located?

Stats as of 02/06:

87% of you own a Wersi instrument, 13% are interested in a Wersi product. Some of you own multiple Wersi products.

Out of that:
36% own an OAS based instrument.
32% own an OAX based instrument.
32% own a pre-OAS instrument.

25% of you are based in the U.S. with 75% living outside of the U.S. For the folks outside of the U.S., the United Kingdom has the most responses (44%) so far.