Dual Monitors on your Sonic

This is a follow up to a short conversation Bill and I had in a post about different ways to record a video. One of the many things on our list to try was the option of connecting a second monitor to a Sonic. Remember we mentioned it’s kind of an overgrown computer?

Can’t say that I have a good reason that you will ever have a reason / need to do this. None the less, to demonstrate that it can be done, we connected a spare monitor using the DVI connection on the back of the Sonic. As you can see in the first shot, OAX is on the Sonic screen and a Windows desktop is displayed on the second monitor. The second picture is a little closer view of what is on the second monitor. On the left side we have Windows Explorer opened up and on the right side, the Windows monitor configuration screen.

Remember the HD Wersi Series article from Jeff? One option that we considered, should we install “other software” on the PC buried inside the Sonic, was how / where to display it? Should you do something like that, this basically demonstrates that you can have the OAX screen displayed on the organ touch screen and operate it normally. At the same time, on the “other” monitor, you can display whatever it is you are running at the Windows level.

After more thought on that configuration we have to decided to use a second dedicated PC for hosting “other software” vs. messing with the configuration of Windows on the Sonic. Overall, that gives us more options with no concern of software conflicts at the Windows level.

*** Update 09/02/17A quick look at running a VST on the second display ***