Any “Videographers” Out There — Part 2

Many thanks to everyone that pointed us to their favorite video editing software and various “Best of Video” guides. Very good reference info. Nothing like “real-world” experience to learn from. Exactly what we try to do as we continue to mess around with OAX, pushing it to it’s limits, and sharing what we learn with all of you folks. Sometime it goes great – sometimes, not so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

After reading a few online reviews and downloading a couple of trial versions, allowing us to “kick the tires”, we decided to go with Corel VideoStudio. As I type this we are in the process of downloading / installing the full blown version.

Here’s a little fun fact and something that has been tough to work with:

All the videos we have done in the past were a combination of an iPhone to take live shots while sitting at the Sonic. Along with that we used Teamviewer to record the Sonic “desktop” as we were navigating around on OAX to show folks what things looked like. Our biggest frustration? While the video part worked great, we were not able to record the supporting audio portion as we were “recording” the Sonic desktop. What we were doing instead? We were saving the video, that was recorded remotely via Teamviewer, and then playing back / watching that video on our primary P/C. As we were watching that video we would ad-lib the audio track onto that video. Sometimes we got it right, sometimes we missed a whole section that we wanted to show or tell you about. Overall it worked but it was a bit of a pain to piece together.

Some of the video software we looked at offered a screen-capture option, some didn’t. The nice thing for us going forward? We can now connect to the Sonic, via Teamviewer, and atย  the same time launch Corel in “screen-capture” mode on our primary P/C. As we are doing things on the Sonic we are now able to add narration “live”. Hopefully, that will allow us to better explain what we are doing, why we are doing it and what it might mean to you.

At the same time (on the IMMusic side of things) we recently collaborated with another musician on a project and wanted to piece together multiple video clips. The software we were working with simply wasn’t able to do that. With any luck we will be able to work with Aimee again and in the future and do a much better job on the video side of things.

Watch for a new video in the next day or two showing the memory issue we ran into with “larger” Kontakt samples. Assuming we can figure out how to do that using our new video software. We will follow that up with a second video showing how to use Kontakt mapped to Upper1 / Upper2 / Lower1 / Lower2 using the smaller demo sounds that come with Kontakt. The idea here is to show that the config works but your sample size and mileage will vary.

While all of that is happening we will be waiting for our 8 -> 32 GB memory upgrade to arrive for our Sonic. Who knows, with any luck we will be able to show you a video of the physical steps we take to upgrade our Sonic memory and do that via our wonderful new video editing toolset. Wait, is that smoke you smell? Was that just a loud boom? Nope –ย  it’s only that crazy WersiClubUSA guy messing around again! ๐Ÿ™‚