A Step Closer – Creating a Video

We got word that our OAX700 left WERSI-Studio Hochrhein last Wednesday and is now in the states so we expect it to arrive in a matter of days. We have been promising to take some “How-To-Videos” and share with folks for days and days.

With word of our pending delivery, figured we needed to take the next step and get a tripod. Now all of you semi-pro and pro photographers – Don’t Laugh at us! 🙂 We just ran out and picked up this tripod. Some of you probably spend more on a lens cover than we did on this tripod but it looks like it will do the job and let us get started. Can you tell our photo / video skills are pretty much “beginner” level!

OK – Now, where is that delivery truck? Let’s get this show on the road!


SunPak_3 SunPak_4 SunPak_5