A new way to create a video

This post falls into our BTS (Behind the Scenes) category. There isn’t much info in this post about OAX. It 100% falls under the “Proceed with Caution and use at your own risk” category. We made the first handful of videos with a camera mounted on a tripod. Basically got the job done but there might just be a better way.

As we have mentioned, your new Sonic is pretty much an overgrown PC modified for a specific use. By now, you might have figured out I that like to tinker around under the covers as much as I enjoy actually playing the instrument. If you do peek under the covers, you will find that Wersi was kind enough to install an application called TeamViewer on your Sonic. While not confirmed, I suspect it’s there to allow them to connect to your instrument to fix a software related issue.

If you are not familiar with TeamViewer – Learn more here. It can do a couple of different things, but we are most interested in the feature they call “Remote Control”. Basically it allows you to connect from one PC to another. Some may know that as “Remote Desktop”. The best part is you can “record” the remote control session.

For example, the video “Adding and Removing Sounds – Wersi OAX” was shot using a camera mounted on a tripod shooting over my left shoulder. A more recent video, “User Data Backup Restore” was recorded using a connection from my office PC to the Sonic via a network connection and TeamViewer. Yes, this does mean that I connected my Sonic to my home network. Did I mention “Proceed with Caution and use at your own risk“?  Go back and read that last sentence one more time. 🙂 If you are interested, we are using a Netgear WNA1100 USB adapter plugged into one of the USB ports on the top right of the organ console.

The main idea here is to focus in on the touch screen of the Sonic so you can clearly see what things look like. One thing you will notice is, I’m using a mouse and keyboard vs. my big fat fingers touching the screen. Depending on the topic / video we will switch back -n- forth between using a camera and a networked connection using TeamViewer. That will all depend on what we are trying to capture and present to you.

Do you have a preference between the two? Post back your thoughts in the “reply” section.