Wish List

Are there things that you would like to see implemented in future OAX updates? Absolutely no clue that your idea would / could be implemented, but we are starting a list of suggestions. We will forward “the wish list” to the Wersi Development Team for consideration in future OAX updates. Send your suggestions to us, along with a brief description of how you would use your idea, to curt@wersiclubusa.com . We will add to the list below for future consideration by the Wersi team.

Last updated on 06/26/17.

  1. General Purpose / Convenience:
    1. Add an option to the footswitch presets to “mute all”.
    2. Add an option to the footswitch presets for “Sostenuto Pedal”
    3. Add an option to the footswitch presets to allow for Notation page turner (Scroll Up / Down / Skip to next bookmark).
    4. Add an option to the footswitch presets for sound up and down. This would allow you to load multiple sounds on one manual and use the footswitch to move back and forth between the sounds. This should work the same way it did on OAS.
    5. Add the ability to move the notation sheet display to a separate external monitor. (Ideal for those whose Eyesight is starting to fail).
    6. Add an option for a footswitch controlled glide. When activated, it would lower the tone 1/2 step and when released brings it back to normal. This is not the same as the Hawaiian footswitch setting. This could be used with trombones, trumpets, electric guitars, etc, to free up your hands from the modulation knob.
    7. Add a Hawaiian footswitch options. (Lower the tone with 1/2 step, and raising up the tone again immediately, before releasing the Footswitch).
    8. Add an option to the footswitch presets to activate the “Fade In/Out” button located on the console.
    9. Add the ability to save volume levels or the mute setting of a Style track  in a user preset.
    10. Add the ability to save more than 50 User Presets for Input/Output Mixers.
    11. Bring back the “Playlist” feature that was available in OAS.
    12. Allow STS to be programmed on User Styles.
    13. Allow “Pitchbend Wheel” to raise or lower the sound by 2  (or more) tones.
    14. Add “Remote Control” ability to allow playing *.wav or MP3 files using the CD/DVD drive. Possibly make use of the “LED Remote Control” and allow it to be used for both the light and music function?
  2. WersiChord:
    1. Easy and professional controls added to WersiChord, with the ability to choose the key range for both the sound and trigger notes, plus, allow independent WersiChords to be available simultaneously.
  3. Workstation Functionality:
    1. Expansion of 3rd party style support.
    2. Enhance current Audio Record function by adding multi-track features with the ability to modify each track to get the perfect balance before permanent storage.
    3. Add professional 8 band parametric EQ (in Pro mode). Current 5 band fixed EQ, can be left for easy mode.
    4. Option to assign Midi In functions that were available in OAS Midi In 1.
    5. Allow sending of MIDI data “out” without the need to create a “User MIDI Out” sound.
      1. Need the ability to record, via MIDI, what sounds are selected along with volume and expression controller settings and changes.
      2. This would also include capturing the MIDI data sent via the foot-switches (5 pistons and 2 located on expression pedal).
        1. Data sent via the footswtiches would allow the control of other MIDI enabled devices while playing the Sonic.
    6. Add audio support to current USB over Midi. (May require h/w modifications)?
    7. Add Advanced Drum Editor abilities.
    8. Add Advanced Sound Editor abilities.
    9. In support of Sound Editor mentioned above:
      1. Add the ability to save a sound that has been modified with the professional controls, rather than just in a Total Preset, thus allowing voices to be used elsewhere.
      2. Ability to load 3rd party sounds in multiple formats.
    10. Convolution Reverb and effects to replace or supplement the on-board reverb and effects, to really bring the sounds to life.
      1. Provide the ability to route signals from “external inputs” to take advantage of Reverb and Effects.
    11. Native Instruments NKS system support added to VST Host, to make sound selection and control easier on VST’s that support it.
    12. Add support for Korg Nano Controllers to allow for advanced live user control (Gives the experienced user the same flexibility as a hardware DAW).
      1. Full control integration of Steinberg Cubase, (either via a separate computer (Midi) or loaded on-board) for Style and Midi Sequence edit, thus giving the user full DAW capabilities.
    13. Full control integration of Steinberg Wavelab for audio record and editing.
    14. Add support for MIDI Sync with external devices.